Dada Corporation is a market leader in the industry and offering copper bonded earth rods, stainless steel bonded earth rods, earth plates, and earth bars. We are supplier in Saudi Arabia & Exporter from India wide range of Earthing and Grounding products.

We offer Earth bars with a single and twin disconnecting link and insulator. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of earthing solutions, we supply high quality earthing products for various industrial, residential, and commercial units.Our earth bars provide the most efficient way for making earthing points.

Our solid copper earth rod is manufactured using pure electrolytic copper that is highly resistant to corrosion. The earth rods offered by us are also highly used in applications where the soil is high in salt content.

About Our Products

The range of products accessories we offer under earthing, grounding, and lightening protection are of a wide range including conductors, clamps, copper rods, and connectors. Our lightening protection products are reliable and ensure safety for your offices, homes, mall from the wonderful but yet dangerous natural phenomenon.

At Dada Corporation, we are committed to providing you with the best range of products which are easy to install. Our products give the best protection once installed.

You may go through our product list for enduring quality of earthing and grounding products. We offer an exhaustive range of earth enhancement products to protect against adverse soil conditions.

Our Strengths

We hold a strong ability to provide a comprehensive solution for your need of lightning protection right from design to supply, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

Our products are manufactured using the modern design software. The products are also tested through risk assessment testing methods. Our years of engineering expertise in the field of earthing, grounding, and lightning products enable us to provide cost-effective supplies with quality that matches the concerned international standards.

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